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Our Work

Our work is not limited to only digital channels. We have successfully created hybrid campaigns combined between online and offline channels. Reaching the target audience in the most effective and personalised manner requires multi-channel approach.


Postnest wanted to validate the Nigerian market for their parcel service and create lead generation campaign for their innovative parcel delivery service.


Estonian software developer NET Group created online platform to help teachers with remote teaching and needed to get attention to their platform.

Beelingu app

Beelingu app wanted to get more app downloads for their language learning application in USA. We created ads and targeted the audience in New York area.


The SOS Children’s Village focuses on two main areas: children who need families; and families who need support in raising their children.


Kohe – Specialty coffee,
anywhere, instantly. On a hill. In a forest. By the sea. On a flight. Or even at home. Ethically sourced with love.

Audi e-tron

Launch of the new Audi e-tron over 3 month period resulted in customers coming to shop and asking for the car they saw in the ad.

Larsen housing

Every day (and night) at Larsen houses is an experience thanks to spacious community spaces, fun events, fitness classes and friendly neighbours from across the world.


The tire expert and official seller of Nokian tires uses our help in the beginning of every season to draw attention to safety that quality tires and tire-service provides.