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Results driven digital marketing agency focused on remarkable presence in new media. We will help you find the most effective route in the maze of PPC, CPC, CPM, SEO, CRO, ROAS and all other mysterious acronyms.

Our Digital Marketing Services

SuperAlko & CityAlko

To extend the summer, SuperAlko and CityAlko organized a giveaway campaign, with an all-inclusive trip for two to Greek vineyards as the grand prize.

In the Creative Solution created by Optimist Creative, the legendary Apollo invited all enthusiasts to participate in the SuperAlko travel campaign. Anyone could try their luck by leaving their details and email on the campaign landing page.

The eye-catching creative solution helped our digital agency build a smart hybrid campaign that brought together over 17 000 registrants, resulting in a website conversion rate of over 40%.

Audi e-tron

Creative concept was all about the strength. Trying to break the myth of electric vehicles being inferior to petrol and diesel vehicles. In the first step of communication we displayed Audi e-tron plowing the fields. The ultimate display of raw strength.


Ajujaht (Brain hunt) is the best-known start-up accelerator in Estonia, where you can put your business idea and team to the test on live TV Show. On this season we have successfully onboarded new participants with clever digital ads and social media.


Nortal needed to hire 10 developers and 15 quality engineers with good knowledge of Estonian language.

Digital campaign delivered a known standup comedian Kait Kall to a well targeted audience. Performing sketches as Nortal’s services.

That kind of non-formal approach with well targeted audience exceeded the goals and improved Nortal’s reputation as an employer.

Nortal's digital recruitment campaign by Digital Agency - Optimist Digital

SOS lasteküla

For the 16th time, with the help of Southwestern Advantage Estonia, enthusiastic students go to the doors of good Estonian people to ask for donations.

Beloved actor Tõnis Niinemets called on the people of Estonia to open their hearts along with the door and help the SOS Children’s Village to renovate family homes.

A heartfelt creative solution and a well-targeted campaign successfully exceeded the goals and showed the big heart of the Estonian people.

SOS lasteküla - annetuskampaania - Kevadkoputus

14 is not okay

The award-winning fake story about the relationship between 14-year-old Piia and 54-year-old Kristo caused heated reactions both in the news and on social media.

This was necessary in order for society to understand that 14 is not okay (the age limit for sexual self-determination at that time). In less than 24 hours, the article was clicked more than 200,000 times, there were more than 25,000 comments and reactions. The coverage of the campaign was more than 1,000,000 and the engagement was more than 300,000.

And less than a year later, the Government decree raised the age limit for sexual self-determination to 16.

14 pole okei - Digikampaania


The internet is full of cyber bullies and creeps. What if parents could protect their children on social media?

The start-up company Texta is creating an AI moderator that parents can hook into their child’s social media account and receive notifications when someone bullies their child or sends nude pictures.

To draw attention to the topic, Texta organized a well-targeted campaign in both digital and print media. Smart layout and eloquent visuals ensured excellent distribution and significant interest in the service being created.

Texta intelligent moderator - Libistasin end su lapse DM'i

You know

The Estonian Sexual Health Association opened an opportunity to ask a specialist anonymously and free of charge on its website. You know… , on those topics.

In cooperation with social media content creator Evert Poom, witty clips were prepared that invited young people to ask for advice on these topics anonymously, free of charge and shamelessly.

The highly successful digital campaign was combined with witty outdoor posters and floor stickers in shopping mall hangouts.


There are few things that you can be absolutely sure of, but with absolute certainty there will be summer and winter every year and a tire change before the start of the season.

Nokian tire importer and tire expert Vianor appreciates a safe journey. Twice a year, we help Vianor deliver its message precisely to those who are due for a tire change.

Advertisements and analytics related to online sales make it possible to bet precisely and effectively on the right customer.

Vianor - Kindlalt teel - Digikampaania - 3D animatsioon

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Optimist Group unites marketing communication, film and print production as well as digital agencies with an international reach.

By putting ourselves constantly in an uncomfortable position, we have managed to craft exceptional results that have helped businesses gain a competitive edge all over the world.

Results driven digital marketing agency focused on remarkable presence in new media.


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