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Our Digital Marketing Services

Facebook ads, retargeting, shop & dynamic ads

Instagram ads, retargeting, shop & dynamic ads

YouTube banner & video ads, retargeting ads

Linkedin ads, direct messaging ads, retargeting ads

Search & display ads, keyword analysis, budget optimisation

SEO analysis, website optimisation, link building

Email automation, list segmentation, lead generation

Analysis and strategy, conversion tagging & optimisation

Digital strategy

Digital marketing services start from a good strategy. Reviewing current online presence, goals and audiences. Defining a solid measurable roadmap that connects all the customer touch points to a seamless multi channel experience.


Campaign monitoring with realtime dashboards will give you 24/7 overview of your return on investment across channels and activities.

Our everyday analysis tool is Google Analytics, combined with Google tag manager for custom trackings. For your real-time dashboards we use Google Data Studio that will allow you to focus on conversions instead of clicks or views.


Search ads will get you the attention of people who are looking or researching for the service or product you are offering.

Weekly monitoring will allow us to optimise the campaign for best results according to your budget. We will find your best keywords and keep looking for new combinations while also excluding irrelevant search terms and audiences from your campaigns.

Rich media banners

Visually appealing and strong interactive messages with detailed audience targeting possibilities on millions websites around the world. It’s called Google display network and it covers 90% of people online. We will pick your audience, suggest a budget according to your goals and optimise performance over time to achieve best results.

Social media

Personalised brand experience on social media platforms with very detailed targeting possibilities. Your audience is there and they have nothing else to do than to scroll for something new. Good targeting and creative message will deliver, there is no doubt.

SEO Services

Who wouldn’t want to be #1 in Google search. Sadly there is no magic trick. SEO is not a single task it’s a part of your constant growth and development. Website assessment and content improvement in consideration with best practices. Link building for website traffic and quality improvement.


Drop the chit-chat and let’s talk business! This is the social network where you need to suit up for serious stuff. Target employees of your competitors, target people who share your business interests, reach your target professionals with direct messages. Get in touch and let’s work out your strategy.


The power of TV-ads in more dynamic form. Promote your video content or create engaging clips perfectly targeted depending on how they have engaged with your videos or with your services. This could be your video playing before a user views another’s video or showing up in YouTube search results for people to watch in full.

Email marketing

Fast and personalised connections with your customers. Limitless segmentation possibilities according to your customer data. Set-up automated e-mail flows based on how your Customers interact with your business.