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Remote teaching toolkit

Schoolaby – Remote learning toolkit for teachers wanted to draw attention to their freshly launched service.

Solution: We proposed to draw attention to teachers and send them thanks for their hard work. Campaign was launched on Social media, Google display network and local websites.

Remote teaching and learning made simple

During the Covid19 period all the learning and teaching went remote basically over night. It was a chaos for students and teachers. Different materials in different clouds, different access for every teachers materials etc. Net Group built a toolkit for teachers and students and we made it visible.

Give thanks to your remote teacher

Give thanks to your remote teacher was the creative idea by Optimist Creative and we executed the strategic targeting and media planning.

We chose local regional online news channels because smaller communities are more involved in their local things, social media, google display ads, print, outdoor and radio.

The first step of the campaign was targeted at students all over Estonia. With a simple request to collect feedback from students and get their teachers noticed.

Each person could say thanks and leave feedback to their remote teacher.

As a result, after the campaign was over every local newspaper published the names of their teachers who were mentioned during this campaign.