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Safe journey

The tire expert and official seller of Nokian tires uses our help in the beginning of summer and winter seasons to draw attention to safety that quality tires and tire-service provides.

Tires are about safety

Vianor is not just a tire seller, they provide full service regarding tire works. From selling to installation and tire storage.

The reminder we all need twice a year

Winter in northern regions is something that comes always unexpectedly. Questions start arising in car owners heads over-night: “do i have the proper tires for coming season, do i need to purchase them, which ones are the best?”

Every tire service is suddenly booked for weeks and you still haven’t figured out which tires to buy.

That’s why we start our campaigns early, we retarget Vianor’s loyal customers with early reminders and grab the attention of new customers with the idea of safety on the road and being prepared.