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SOS Lasteküla

Support children

The SOS Children’s Village focuses on two main areas: children who need families; and families who need support in raising their children.

We created a campaign for SOS Children’s village to bring general awareness to children without parents and to collect regular donations.

It’s nice to know that someone cares

Creative concept based on real words children have spoken and the sincere warm feeling if someone cares about you. With a humble request to support our cause.

Media and results

We used social media, google display ads and local online news sites. Most of the media was free of charge, since it was a charity project.

We also created an audience of people, who reacted to the campaign, but didn’t finish their donation process. And re-targeted them on social media and google display network to remind of the few steps they left unfinished.

Overall results were exceptional with a record amount of regular donors.