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Kohe coffee


KOHE – an Instant specialty coffee producer needed to grow Speciality instant coffee subscriptions online.

Our solution: Social media lead generation campaign with automated email flow targeted at people who like the outside and quality coffee on their camping trips.

Instant Coffee Subscription

Coffee is a product that can be sold as a subscription service. That was the idea of the creator and that’s what we tried to achieve.

funnel from free trial to purchase

Creative solution challenged people who love coffee to try if instant specialty coffee can be as good as traditional coffee. We targeted Finland/Helsinki area and people who enjoyed the outdoors and quality coffee.

We designed a branded envelope for KOHE coffee samples. Website visitors filled the form with their home address and received a coffee sample from KOHE.

Soon after receiving the free coffee sample, customer receives email from KOHE asking for their opinion on the coffee. Customer is presented with an option to rate their coffee-experience with stars from 1-5.

When customer rated the coffee with 4 or 5 and e-mail is scheduled. Email thanks the customer ad offers discount for next order.

If customer would rate their coffee-experience with 1-3 we do not bother them. Taste is a subjective matter and we stick to kind words and to at least share this free sample offer with a friend who likes coffee.