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Audi e-tron launch

The all new Audi e-tron launch campaign was a mix of online, offline and VIP events.

Next generation quattro

Creative concept was all about the strength. Trying to break the myth of electric vehicles being inferior to petrol and diesel vehicles. In the first step of communication we displayed Audi e-tron plowing the fields. The ultimate display of raw strength.

From awareness to test-drive

Car purchase decision takes time, our launch campaign was planned across 3 month period.

Starting with awareness phase where we showed the strength and design of the car.

People who interacted with awareness ads were added to a consideration phase audience. They were shown more details of the car and 360 inside view.

The last phase test-drive invite was shown to people who had interacted with consideration phase ads.

Resulting in customers coming to store and asking for: “That car i saw on your online ads”